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Our strong password generator assist users in creating singular, complex, uncommon and long passwords to be used from your blog login to internet banking. The passwords generates are not stored anywhere and are simply disposed once the browser gets refreshed or closed.

What is a strong password?

Strong password is a combination of letters and numbers which is not easy for a third party to guess. Here is a few aspects that define a strong password:

  • At least 15 characters
  • Lower and uppercase letters
  • Has numbers
  • It is not your previous password
  • It is not your name
  • It is not your login
  • It is not your email address
  • It is not your friend’s or family’s name
  • It is not a dictionary word or common name

Why is important to have strong password?

You need to protect your data online. Easy passwords are an opportunity to hackers and cyber crime. Keep your information and password in a safe place and make sure you change your main password often.

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